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Start Your New Journey with CX-1 Smart Suitcase

We have always been visioning the ultimate form of a travel suitcase that caters to the technological age. Through rigorous design processes and discussions, we have imagined that a suitcase should be capable of autonomous following, hands free control, and precise movement abilities just from a simple gesture by the user.. Finally, through the works of our cutting-edge designers and engineers, we have brought the idea to life and created CX-1, a smarter than ever suitcase.

Obstacle Avoidance

Convenient Travel

Equipped with a 170° wide-angle camera and laser radars, CX-1 realizes real-time positioning. Accurate identification is achieved by real-time recognition and tracing algorithms. Numerous data simulations and deep learning algorithms enable CX-1 to program a smooth track instantly and avoid obstacles on-the-move.

Gesture Control

Easy to Use

Visual Sensing technology enables CX-1 to have unparalleled gesture control functions and every subtle movement can be accurately identified by the front camera. Because of the multiple internally installed gesture control languages, CX-1 will always follow you precisely with a simple gesture.

Four-Wheel Drive


Stability is what CX-1 pursues. Compared with traditional two wheel drive suitcase designs, four wheel drive CX-1 boasts its stability even on the toughest terrains, speed bumps, dirt roads, or even going up the hill will not hinder CX-1’s performance.

Smart Alarm


CX-1 has a built-in Smart Alarm protection system and a user wristband that guarantees the safety of your suitcase and provide reliable user experience. The wristband is synced to the alarm system and will remind you to check on your CX-1 when it is too far away from you, running low on power, or severely knocked.

Mobile Power


CX-1 is also design to be your mobile power bank with a large battery capacity. A large capacity power bank not only secures the smooth operations of CX-1, but also meets your basic requirements for power on the go. Smart phones and other small mobile devices can all be charged on the CX-1.

TSA Approved Lock & Removable Battery

CX-1 is fitted with a international standard TSA approved lock, making security checks fast and easy, improving the safety performance of the CX-1. The interior battery of the CX-1 is easily removable, you do not need to worry about any airline regulations regarding batteries. The TSA approved lock and removable battery will guarantee you a hassle-free journey.