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The world's first vision-powered smart carry-on that follows you by side, enabling a true
hands-free & worry-free travel.

  • “It will definitely turn heads at the airport. .... the most advanced luggage I've ever seen.”

  • “You never want to lose your luggage. But what if luggage didn’t lose you? ”

  • “The ForwardX CX-1 is the first smart suitcase custom-built to follow you.”

  • “A seeing suitcase.”

  • “A ForwardX Robotics CX-1 self-driving, intelligent, carry-on suitcase moves among attendees.”

  • “Robotic self-driving suitcase uses facial recognition and sensors to automatically follow you, making hauling luggage a thing of the past.”

Smart TravelFull Autonomy

  • ovis vision powered auto follow
    Vision-Powered Auto-Follow

    Re-designed for a true hands-free travel.

    By implementing the groundbreaking computer vision technology with advanced RF technology, Ovis redefines the de facto standard of both traditional and smart suitcase markets, with the features to follow you from behind and by your side, keeping you away from worrying about suitcase loss.

  • ovis vision powered auto follow
    Obstacle Avoidance

    No barriers forward.

    The embedded ultrasonic sensor enables Ovis to accurately sense the environment, calculate the distance, and estimate the direction from the obstacles, with a deviation precision of ±1 cm.
    A steadier follow is now achievable even when you walk by other pedestrians, trollies or even pillars.

  • ovis vision powered auto follow
    Removable Battery & Charge On-the-Go

    All airlines-friendly.
    Stay connected all day long.

    The LiPo battery of Ovis is uniquely designed for easy-carry and is made removable under all airline regulations. The battery can also serve as a power supply that empowers you to stay connected all day long.

Smart TravelEase of Use

Smart Alert

Stay close.
Impossible to lose.

Aside from the ability to unlock your suitcase, the SmartBand is also able to send out an instant alert when your suitcase is getting out of the preset range (a distance that’s larger than 3 meters), running low on battery, or being brutally treated, achieved by the implementation of advanced RF technology and alarm system. You will never have to worry about losing your Ovis as the safety of your suitcase is always ensured.

TSA Approved Digital Lock

Double secure.
Easy access.

Double-layered protection ensures you the safest and most reliable travel experience. Within a range of 5cm, the advaced RF technology enables an auto-unlock of the suitcase, making travel more efficiently and hassle-free. The traditional combination lock also guarantees you the safety of your belongings when your suitcase or SmartBand is out of battery.


  • Dimension14.9 in*8.7 in*21.6 in
  • Weight< 4.5 kg
  • MaterialPP + Carbon Fiber
  • Maximum Driving DistanceTwo round trips per charge
  • Charging Time< 4 hours
  • Water ProofIP56
  • Operating Temperature0-40℃
  • Battery Capacity96 wh (meets IATA standards for carry-on)
  • Maximum Speed10 km/h; 6.2 mph (3 m/s; 10 ft/s)

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